Store Medical Records Securely

Store Medical Records Securely

The Cancer Guardian Medical Records Platform is easy to create, secure to share and simple to use for you and your doctors.

The healthcare system is fragmented and consolidated medical data can be difficult to access.

Cancer Guardian enrollees benefit from a member-centered, secure HIPAA compliant, cloud-based platform allowing participants to organize, view, and share their medical data in an easy and manageable format.


Easy upload of medical data

Ability to drag and drop and fast upload medical files including scans.

Securely share data with  any doctor or institution

Ability to generate a secure link to share with your medical team.

User friendly  navigation interface

Ability to navigate through your health records in a user friendly manner by following logical steps.

Data tracking of  profile views

Ability to track how many times your dedicated recipient has viewed your medical data.

Control of access  permissions

Ability to control or cancel access permissions to your medical data.

How it works?

Login to the platform

Click on the medical profile

Upload the files

Share a link

Taking control

Taking control of medical data is the first step in taking control of your cancer.