Cancer Guardian: Comprehensive Cancer Support

Program Features

Cancer Guardian Program Features

Cancer Support Specialists

  • Cancer Guardian Support Line for employees & their family members at any time (including Parents & Parents-in-Law)
  • Personalized Orientation Assessment
  • Customized Information & Resource Pack
  • Second Opinion Pathology Review
  • On-Site Nurse Navigator

Advanced DNA Testing

The benefits of Advanced DNA Testing at the time of a cancer diagnosis:
Confirmation of the cancer diagnosis and determination of most effective treatment options, including:

  • Targeted Therapies
  • Immunotherapy
  • Clinical Trials

Additionally, this type of Advanced DNA Testing can identify ineffective treatment options that should be avoided.

Medical Records Platform

Cancer Guardian participants have access to a secure, cloud-based solution for storing and transmitting medical records, for any condition, at any time. The technology gives individuals the freedom to connect with doctors, clinics, family members, insurance providers and their Nurse Case Manager in a convenient and efficient way.


Employers are facing exorbitant healthcare spend and productivity loss associated with cancer.

There is a need for a defined cancer strategy and dedicated solutions.

The growing incidence of cancer in the workplace is leading to reduced productivity and increased costs.

Cancer is the 2nd leading condition impacting an employer’s healthcare spend, according to the 2017 IFEPB Workplace Wellness Survey.

Employers need to provide dedicated cancer resources for their employees to promote better care and efficient spend.



Employees need access to emotional, practical, and validated resources to help guide them through their journey.


Most employees do not have access to advanced DNA testing or expert pathology reviews for cancer.


These resources are expensive and not typically covered by insurance.

Cancer is a personal disease, and cancer patients deserve personalized support and treatment.

A cancer diagnosis for an employee, or their family, can be devastating, lonely, and confusing.

Employees dealing with cancer spend 9 hours per month on average (often during work) researching cancer cures & other cancer-related topics.

Cancer patients who have access to personalized support, information, guidance, and Advanced DNA Testing have better outcomes.

How It Works

When an individual is diagnosed with cancer, dedicated Cancer Support Specialists are assigned.

The Cancer Support Specialists will conduct an orientation assessment and curate a personalized information & resource pack that is reviewed with the patient.

Advanced DNA Testing & Second Opinion Pathology Review are made available at no cost.

All results are provided to the treating physician. A treatment course is set by the patient’s oncologist.

The Cancer Support Specialists remains engaged through the cancer journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Cancer Guardian™ program?

Cancer Guardian is new and innovative, high touch support program designed to provide an individual & their family with the dedicated resources, technology, and genetic testing needed to effectively navigate cancer while improving chances of survival.

Why is Advanced DNA Testing for cancer valuable?

Advanced DNA Testing for Cancer, also known as Comprehensive Genomic profiling, provides insights into the genetic makeup of an individual’s cancer, and is a powerful addition to existing tools for a treating physician.

The Cancer Guardian™ program provides individuals a private-pay solution for comprehensive genomic profiling tests, which are not typically covered by medical insurance.

Possible benefits of cancer genomic profiling include:

-Improved cancer diagnostic accuracy
-Treating physician’s ability to better predict cancer patient outcomes
-Guide cancer treatment selection using precision medicine

-Leads to more patients getting enrolled in clinical trials and new drug discovery
-Improve patient survival

Is Cancer Guardian a test lab?

No, Cancer Guardian is powered by Wamberg Genomic Advisors (WGA), an advisory firm with expertise in genomic testing. WGA conducts rigorous due diligence vetting out the best-in-class labs.

WGA’s team of experts then form partnerships with best-in-class labs to deliver comprehensive genomic tests and reporting at competitive prices.

What information is reported in an Advanced DNA Testing report for cancer?

A report may include the following:

-Details that can improve the accuracy of diagnosis
-Information that identifies additional options for potentially more effective treatments based on the genomic profile of the patient’s cancer, for example:

-Targeted therapies
-Clinical trial participation

What happens if I am diagnosed with cancer that is later considered in remission, and then I get cancer again?

Cancer Guardian will continue to provide you with Nurse Case Manager support, the Medical Records Platform, and access to Advanced DNA Testing for cancer, as long as you remain enrolled in the program. There is a 3 test lifetime maximum included in the program.

How do I report a cancer diagnosis or potential cancer diagnosis?

In the event that you, your spouse, or your dependent(s) are diagnosed with cancer, you should contact Cancer Guardian at the earliest opportunity.

Cancer Guardian and its test lab partners will engage with the treating physician to ensure the appropriate specimen(s) are sent to the lab chosen by your Oncologist for genomic profiling. You may contact Cancer Guardian at 833-CGuardian or [email protected]

How long will it take to receive Advanced DNA testing report results?

Cancer genomic profiling report results are typically delivered to your treating physician within 10-14 days from the receipt of your specimen(s). The report can be delivered by several means, including an online physician portal.

Complex cases or sub-optimal specimens that require additional work may result in a longer time for report delivery.

What if my treating physician has questions about the test included in the program?

Cancer Guardian can arrange for a clinician from our certified lab partner to speak to your treating physician to address any questions that they may have.

Simply provide Cancer Guardian with your treating physician’s contact information, and we will have someone from our clinician support team reach out to your treating physician.

How are the Cancer Guardian™ program tests ordered?

Tests are ordered through the following process:

-Upon diagnosis of cancer, the program participant, should immediately contact Cancer Guardian
-The Cancer Guardian team will provide the treating physician with the genomic testing options available through the program . The physician will order the appropriate test and arrangements will be made for your specimen to be moved to the test lab.
-The genomic profiling report delivered to the treating physician will highlight the most effective treatment options for your cancer.
-Cancer Guardian’s Nurse Case Managers are available to answer questions throughout the process.

Who is given access to the Cancer Guardian™ Advanced DNA Testing reports?

All genomic report information is only released to the treating physician who signed the test requisition form.

The reports are delivered via a secure online physician portal. The physician can then review the results with the patient.

Is there a limit to the number of Advanced DNA Tests included in the Cancer Guardian™ program?

Cancer Guardian will provide up to 3 tests as part of the program during the lifetime of being an active participant in the program.

What costs aren’t covered under the program?

The Cancer Guardian™ program only covers the cost of the specific program features.

The program does not cover the actual clinical costs or medication costs associated with the treatment plan that program participants and/or their dependents may undergo.

Can I enroll as a participant in the Cancer Guardian™ program if I’ve already been diagnosed with cancer?

Yes, however, the Advanced DNA Tests covered through the Cancer Guardian™ program only apply to cancers diagnosed after your program  effective date.

What will I receive once I enroll in the Cancer Guardian™ program?

You will receive program certificate details and a Cancer Guardian ID Card

Get Cancer Guardian™ Today

You can’t choose if or when cancer will strike. Be certain you have access to Cancer Guardian: Comprehensive Cancer Support. For more information, please contact your HR Representative or your Employee Benefits consultant.


*From our lab partner Foundation Medicine

Cancer Guardian and the American Cancer Society are collaborating to drive more research dollars to find better treatments for cancer.

Enrolling 1 million people will result in $600,000 being donated annually to the American Cancer Society.

By signing up for this program you can also help this fundraising effort.

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